Helena Volksmarch Event


Walk Volunteers Registering Walkers

Before Starting the Walk, we took a tour of Helena.   Our First Stop was the Post Office.   Inside we found this Christmas Tree. 

We also found a stool made from an Elephant's Leg.   Next to it on the counter was the story of "Black Diamond" a circus Elephant that met a sad end in Kenedy, Tx just south of Helena.   The elephant killed a women spectator in Corsicana, Tx.   He was executed by 20 men with rifles.   It took 170 shots before someone finally hit a vital spot and killed him.

We are in the Karnes County Museum, which is the old courthouse building.

We climbed the stairs to view the second story.  It was set up like a school room.

View of the jail from the classroom above the courthouse.  Carol and Lenore in jail.

We set out on the walk.  The first part was along a paved road.
I think this walk had loads of youngsters.  I think this young lady's name was Michele.

The Helena Cemetary was overgrown and mostly uncared for.

On our way back we passed lots of walkers.

The walk looped back past the start and I stopped for a bathroom break.  Carol stopped to chat with Elaine and Lyn who were drinking coffee at a picnic table

We are approaching the home of the town's founder.  This was were checkpoint #1 was located.

We are traveling down a gravel road, and we pass another young walker on his way in.

We pass Helen and Darlene on their way back in. They had been working checkpoint #2.

Off in the distance was what looked like a castle.

Checkpoint #2 and the turnaround. We are on our way back in and pass more people headed out.

A large live oak and walkers behind me on the trail.

After finishing the walk we drove over to Pana Maria a small town about 5 miles from Helena. There we found a beautiful catholic church. Below are pictures from Pana Maria.

This event was a Volksmarch hosted by the Selma Pathfinders. If you are interested in finding out more about Volksmarching or the Selma Pathfinders. Click Here

Lenore's Walk Diary

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