June 14, 2003

Carol and Lenore registering for the walk at Turner Hall. Larry and Jeanine Kuhlken are the start point volunteers.

Walk went past the city park where
this bronze statue is located.

There were lots of nice gardens.

The route passed by the catholic cemetary.

Just two of the many dogs we saw
on the walk.

The walk route was an out and back so we got to see lots of walkers.

Waiting for our turn to get a drink at the water stop that was also the 5K turnaround.

We passed a nice creek area once we got outside of town.

Armand Lindig was our checkpoint volunteer.

He showed us the Century Plant
near the checkpoint.

A view of the hills as we head back into town.

A closer look at those hills.

David Toth and Becky Lindig were working the start when we got back in.

Joyce O'Rear was the volunteer stamping the books at the finish.

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