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Calvert Volksmarch

Near the end of the 19th Century, Calvert was the fourth largest city in Texas with a population exceeding 10,000. Hotels, theaters, opera houses, numerous businesses and lavish Victorian homes and commercial structures abounded.

Volunteers (Jan, Karl, Mary, and Elaine) setting up the event at the pavilion in Virginia Fields Park.  This park was once the site of a jail following the end of the civil war.  The jail was used to hold southern sympathizers.

Mary is waiting for her work assignment.

Beverly and Shirley discussing work schedules.

This Shirley is working the start table. The pictures are dark because it was very overcast and looked like rain.

Arlene has her start card and instructions.  She's ready to walk.

Carol, Lenore and I started the city walk route.  As we left the park we passed the cemetary.

The Calvert Community High School.  They play 6 man football.  Current town population is 1640.

The city route and the country route passed each other.  Shirley and Andy are walking the country route.

Ken and Daralyn Schubert of Huffman came to enjoy this event.

Suzanne and Audry came up from San Antonio to walk with us.

Our route took us down main street.  In 1899 the town was damaged by floods, and two years later a fire destroyed much of its business district.  These remaining businesses are mainly antique stores.

The Art of Texas had a lot of great craft items for sale.

This was the first of many old homes we were to pass.  This one is a B&B.

I took lots of pictures of the beautiful old homes in Calvert, but this webpage kept locking up. So I have deleted the home pictures and created them on another website. Click here to see homes.

Approaching the walk finish.  Barbara (Mineral Wells) and her daughter Susan (Temple) are outside the pavilion.

Before we started working at a checkpoint, we walked around the arts/crafts displays in the park.  Lenore got a rainbow painted on her cheek.

We went out to work the second checkpoint on the city route. This group was our first customer's. They are from Belton.

This event was this family's 2nd Volksmarch.  Their first was last October at the New Braunfels Octoberfest.

They all tried to sit down on one chair to wait for the adults to catch up.  The boy in the white Old Navy T-shirt is a friend of the family.  It was his first volksmarch.

The McDougalls from Temple

Maija and Carol from San Antonio

Daryl and Diane are from Cypress

In between customer's at the checkpoint.

John and Dixie.  The old house were the checkpoint was set up was falling apart.  Everyone was interested in it though.  We all agreed it was a shame to let a building like that just rot away.  The stairway could be seen from the window.  It was still magnificent.

Richard (Mineral Wells)
and his daughter Susan (Temple)

Sherri Logan (New Braunfels)

Hal, Joan, Helen, and Rick





Dick and Jo

Day 2.  This old home across from the start is for sale!

Chuck and Elaine came down from Wichita Falls.  They said they actually came for the Antique Shops, there just happened to be two walks in the same town.

The country route was very nice too.  Lots of green pastures, cows, and a neat bridge.  We walked with John and Dixie. 

Jan was the first checkpoint on the route.  If you were only doing a 5K you turned around here.

Shirley and Andy were working checkpoint #2.

On the way back in, we started passing other walkers.  This is Anna from Fort Worth.

Ed was at the 5k turnaround
when we came back by.


Paul and Edith

Frank and Lee

Connie and Brooke

As we neared the end of the walk, we passed this carriage house that is being restored.

Sarah and Mabel were finishing up before us.