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Atlanta State Park Volksmarch

The volksmarch at Atlanta State Park in Cass County, brings the count of counties walked to 106. This State Park which is just south of Texarkana, TX is a nice wooded area ing a large lake. It was a very nice walk.

We got to the walk start at around 11am. This family registered to walk after us.
Carol was helping Lenore pick out candy to carry on the walk.
A walker who was going to sweep the trail. She has a very nice and well trained pet.
The first bridge we crossed was very springy. Lenore enjoyed jumping on it.
The trees aren't that big around, but they were very tall.
An East Texas Trekker on her way back in.
One loop of the walk went near the lake shore. We walked the few extra feet to play in the water.
Jan had mentioned that there were white pelicans. We saw some "on the wing", but none came close enough to photograph.
Some more East Texas Trekkers on their way back to the start.
Time for a water break. There was mist hanging in the trees, but we never got rained on.

Trail head for the Nature Trail.
This section of trail had lots of woods ferns. The Nature Trail marker called them Christmas Ferns.
Nice moss covered tree right by the trail.
Another bridge crossing, this creek had water running in it.
View of the lake through the trees. Lenore wanted to go to the waters edge again, but there was a steep cliff at this point.
An island, actually there were three islands.
A grave in the sand?
The boat ramp gave Lenore access to the water.

The trail was in a figure 8, just as we passed where the trails crossed, we saw the trail sweepers coming along.